About Us

We at St. Michael's invite you to learn about us. We are a personal church, attended by people seeking to deepen their Christian faith in the Episcopal tradition as they live and work in the world.

St. Michael's is not a large congregation; but it is part of a larger Christian body of faith---the worldwide Anglican Communion, (known in the United States as the Episcopal Church).

What is the Episcopal Church?

The Episcopal Church was established in 1789 as the newly independent branch of the Church of England in the newly independent thirteen United States. From its beginnings it pledged itself to continue to uphold its ancient Catholic origins derived through the almost two thousand year old Christianity of England, Wales and Scotland. At the same time, it retained a number of reforms accepted by the Church of England mainly through the influence of the great European Reformation of the sixteenth century. Thus it is often called the Via Media ("middle way") between the western Roman Catholic Church and the churches that were born of the Protestant Reformation. This makes the Episcopal Church a real and unique alternative among Christian churches for the individual, couple, or family seeking a spiritual home.

How did St. Michael's Church come to be?

In 1956, the Church of St. Uriel the Archangel in Sea Girt established a mission on Allenwood Road in Wall Township adjacent to the Wall Central School. The archangel Michael was chosen as its patron saint and the Rev. Samuel Robinson Knight, was chosen as its first vicar. Father Knight had served St. Uriel's for years as lay leader and priest. His vision resulted in the beautiful neo-colonial church and Dutch colonial rectory we have today. St. Michael's has been a self-supporting parish since 1974. We are part of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey, with its Cathedral (Trinity) and diocesan offices located in Trenton.


8:00 am

10:00 am: Choral Eucharist

After 10 am Mass, join us for coffee in the fellowship lair